The Sevastopol Officers’ Ball is annually held with the assistance of the Black Sea Fleet and the Russian Navy

Dear comrades, dear friends!


On behalf of the Military Council of the Black Sea Fleet, I cordially greet all participants and guests of the VI Grand Sevastopol Officers’ Ball!


The Sevastopol Officers’ Ball has become an important cultural event of Sevastopol. Annually, without repeating itself, it has a vivid plot that makes it more interesting and attractive.


The Grand Sevastopol Officers’ Ball is aimed at personal development of servicemen of the fleet and Sevastopol residents, instillation of  values of universal and Russian culture, development of  the sense of beauty, active participation, creation and enhancement of cultural  values. Having seen the Ball even once, makes you its true  friend, if not a participant of this unique project.


The Ball receives numerous greetings and congratulations, they are all sincere and justified as the Sevastopol Officers’ Ball is known not only in Sevastopol but also beyond.


Not every metropolitan event has such a high level of organization, preparation and decoration of the gala evening.

The first chords of the musical accompaniment have not yet sounded but the participants and guests’ faces are illuminated with joyful smiles from the upcoming immersion in the world of magic, music and dance.


I sincerely wish all the participants and guests of the Ball happiness and peace, bright colorful gala evening, joyful encounters and unforgettable impressions, cheerful festive mood, new achievements and victories.



Commander of the Black Sea Fleet, vice-admiral

Igor Osipov

Dear comrades, dear friends!



On behalf of the Military Council of the Black Sea Fleet, I cordially greet the participants and guests of The V Grand Officers’ Ball. This year it marks the 235th anniversary of the Black Sea Fleet and Sevastopol!


The fascinating sounds of orchestras woke up the centuries-old walls of the Mikhailovskay Battery and filled them with patriotic atmosphere. The common heartbeat of guests and participants is the music of the Ball.  


We all had the chance to be utterly absorbed by a world of revived traditions of officers’ balls, cultural values of transcendent importance.  


The officers are first and foremost defenders and patriots of their Motherland, brave specialists who solve professional tasks alongside with being moral lodestars. No doubt that the Black Sea Officer Corps is an example of dignity, devotion, reverent and attentive attitude towards women, children and family.

I wish all participants and guests a bright gala evening with plenty of joy, unforgettable encounters, new emotions and inspiration. You will definitely enjoy the involvement into cultural fleet traditions of the city-hero of Sevastopol. 



Commander of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy 

Alexander Moiseev


Dear comrades!


The Officers’ Ball at the Mikhailovskay Battery is a vivid statement that Sevastopol is more than a southern stronghold, but a solidarity platform for the military and the civil society, a symbol of spirituality and culture. 


The navy officers are first of all patriots and defenders of their Motherland, brave professionals and role models who can instill politeness, respect, high moral standards. 


May today’s Ball be a reminder to all of us that a military man is a man who cherishes a woman’s smile, a child’s laughter, a cosy home and does his best to take care of them. 


May the happy faces, kind smiles, ladies’ beauty and military bearing be highlights of the event. Let the Ball be a symbol of peace and love!


Commander of the Black Sea Fleet 2013 - 2018 

Admiral Alexander Vitko


Dear comrades!

On behalf of the Russian Navy Council and the Navy staff, I welcome the participants of the V Grand Sevastopol Ball, all of you: organizers, guests, veterans of the Navy, Sevastopol residents, all who relate their lives with the Navy. 


Peter the Great created the Navy more than 300 years ago. Since that time the Navy has been the pride of the country, nation’s and army’s front rank. Russian sailor is a man of strong will, power and fairness. 


At all times Russian sailors defended the interests of their country and  achieved significant victories. The names of  Gangut, Chesme, Tendra, Kerch, Sinop  are inscribed in the history of glorious victories. Legends about  Russian sailors’ courage and perseverance during the Defense of Sevastopol will live forever. The Navy brought up a whole galaxy of talented  naval commanders: Grigory Spiridov, Fedor Ushakov, Dmitry Seniavin, Mikhail Lazarev, Vladimir Kornilov, Pavel Nakhimov, Nikolay Kuznetsov, Sergey Gorshkov and many others. 


Russian sailors are proud that the Navy became the craddle of talented people in the sphere of science, technology, culture and art. We can name the creator of the first ice-breaker S. Makarov, the creator of the first airplane A. Mozhaisky, the inventor of radio A. Popov, writer K. Stanyukovich, the maker of the Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language  V. Dal, composer N. Rimsky-Korsakov, artists I. Aivazovsky, A. Bogolyubov, V. Vereshchagin and many others in this galaxy of talents.


The Grand Sevastopol Officers’ Ball is a revival of the best Russian traditions which are manifested in the service of the country, cultural and patriotic education, sense of nationhood, love to the Motherland, virtue and spiritual bonds. I am deeply convinced that this amazing event will develop and embrace more and more young people striving for perfection, harmony, happiness and the revival of our great Motherland.

I wish all guests and participants unforgettable experience, inspiration, joy, family happiness and new achievements for the glory of the Russian Navy!



Vladimir Korolev 

Naval commander-in-chieg