❓ Can I participate if I do not have a partner?

✔️ No, as the Ball programme consists of dances for couples.

❓ We would like to attend rehearsals but we have children. Is there any option for us?

✔️ We have an option : babysitter invited to a rehearsal. You can come with children having informed us in advance and having paid the babysitter.

❓ How can I find a partner?

✔️ You can send the information for posting in “ Let me invite you to the Ball”. Please, note that the chance to find a partner this way is very small. We advise you to search for a partner among your friends and acquaintances.

❓ How many rehearsals should I attend to learn the whole Ball programme?


✔️ Not less than 35 rehearsals.

❓ Do you provide officers as dance partners?

✔️ No. Officers take part in the Ball with their ladies. If an officer does not have a partner we help him by connecting with the  debutantes who have passed the casting.


❓ Is there any contest within the Ball programme?


✔️ No. The Sevastopol Officers’ Ball is not a contest. It is a real Ball where people come to enjoy themselves.

❓ I want to participate but my friend/ spouse doesn’t want to. What can I do?


✔️ We advise you to try one rehearsal together. Our experience shows that after it the majority of partners are inspired to participate. 

❓ What to wear for a rehearsal?

✔️ Gentlemen are recommended to wear a shirt, trousers and comfortable classic shoes. For ladies — dresses, skirts,comfortable shoes with a small heel. We kindly ask you not to wear trousers, jeans,T-shirts, sportswear and sports shoes.

❓ Can I find a partner at the rehearsal?


✔️ No, the rehearsals are only for couples.

❓ Can an officer’s dagger be worn as a part of full-dress uniform?


✔️ No. While dancing you can hurt other people with it.

❓ How can we take part in the Ball if we do not live in Sevastopol?


There is a special rehearsal programme of video workshops with feedback. It is important: you need to come to  Sevastopol not less than 4 days prior to the Ball.  

☝🏻 We have an offer: if there are at least 6 couples who want to participate in the Ball, we will organize workshops in your city.


❓ Can I come to the Ball as a spectator?

✔️ Yes. There is a reviewing stand at the venue. You can make a charitable contribution and watch the Ball. Please, note that the number of seats is limited.


❓  How often should I attend rehearsals?

✔️ Not less than three times a week.

❓ Is there any age limit for participants?

✔️ The Ball welcomes people who are 18 and older, as long as you feel like dancing you can become a participant!

❓ I have never danced in my life, but I would like to. Can I participate?


✔️ The majority of our couples have never danced before. The Ball is to make people believe in themselves and their talents and prove that everyone can dance!  Our choreographers know how to find an approach to any student and lead you into the world of Dance.


❓ Can I wear a dress with a pattern (flowers, polka-dot, geometric figures)?

✔️ No. The dress code suggests only unicoloured dresses. The detailed dress code you can find here>>


❓ When can I join the rehearsals (at the latest)?


✔️ Everything depends on the chosen category. For category A — 12 June, for category B  – 6 June. For officers’ couples  – 11 May.


❓ Is the dress code mandatory for spectators? 

✔️ Yes. The dress code is mandatory for everyone present at the venue. The detailed dress code can be found here>>


❓ Can I participate if I study historical dances, attend balls on a regular basis and do not plan to attend rehearsals?


✔️ No, rehearsals are mandatory for participation in our event. The programme of our Ball is unique.

❓ Can spectators take part in the dance programme?


✔️ No. You need to get prepared to join the dance programme. During the Ball spectators watch the event from the reviewing stand.


In case of any further questions call our enquiry service  +79782111505 or send an e-mail to