On May 8, 2018, the opening of a photo exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of the Grand Sevastopol Charity Officers’ Ball took place in Sevastopol. 40 magnificent works were placed in the very centre of the city in front of the Palace of Children and Youth Creativity. Visitors of the exhibition could enjoy the bright moments that the Ball's photo team managed to capture. The team of photographers: Pavel Korsun, Igor Timankov, Anastasia Kirshina, Yekaterina Firyulina, German Belous, Nikolai Novikov, Denis Kerez, Andrey Kravtsov, Mikhail Bremen.

The colorful pictures show sincere emotions and portraits of the participants of the event, starting with the very first ball in 2013 and ending with “A Hero of Our Time” ball in 2017.


Our pr-partner “Puzzle”, Sevastopol , manufactured the photo exhibition.