The authors and creators of the cultural event — local community “August Gathering of Sevastopol” which appeared to deal with civil, social and cultural issues through consolidation of funds and resources of the members.


Leo Tolstoy had a great and at the same time simple idea: “If black-hearted people team up for wicked acts then what prevents good-hearted people from teaming up for acts of kindness?” This principle forms the basis of “August Gathering”. This is a community of those who seek opportunities, not reasons, those who act to make life better. In 2013 this approach, together with hard work, gave birth to a fabulous and ambitious project — The Grand Sevastopol Officers’ Ball. This unique event is based on the military and the civil society consolidation, their common

participation in the act of creation.  


This is the only Ball which allows the participants to experience internal rebirth, perceive beauty, nobleness, braveness and honour. 


The legendary location, the Mikhailovskaya Battery square, turns the Ball into triumph of all the best which is typical of Russia. Every centimetre of this place has a powerful historical load, a special spirit that instills the idea of intergenerational continuity. The current generation can and should write new pages in glorious history of our country. The traditions are being passed on here, before our eyes.



The VIII International Grand Sevastopol Officers’ Ball 

The Ball takes place on June 20, 2021 in a legendary place, at the Mikhailovskaya Battery.

The event will be dedicated to the 325th anniversary of the Russian Navy, Russia’s Day, the Day of the hero-city of Sevastopol and the 115th anniversary of Dmiti Shostakovich.



The Sevastopol Officers’ Ball is a project of civil solidarity. The ball is held by pooling funds and resources of everyone who is interested in the development of high culture, shares its ideas and values, and wants the project to live and be preserved: government agencies, business representatives, patrons, participants and citizens.The event was developed and annually organized by the city community "August Gathering of Sevastopol" with the assistance of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, the support of the Government of the city of Sevastopol and the Government of the Republic of Crimea.


Participants of the event — officers’ and civilian couples from all over Russia.  Among guests there are people from business and art spheres, politicians, public officials and philanthropists. A unique opportunity is offered for companies and organizations - each of them can prepare and delegate a couple who will represent it at the brightest cultural event of  Crimea.


The Ball programme

The Ball traditionally holds the world’s unique Military ballroom parade — a solemn greeting  ceremony of the military and civil society shaped in
a ballroom dance stylistics. 
Each year it has its own theme and a unique plot that never repeats itself. Over the years, the ball bore the names "Ruslan and Lyudmila", "A Hero of Our Time", "Running on the Waves", "The Captivating Star of Happiness", "Victory!" In 2021, the ball is titled  "Symphony of the Future" in honour of the 115th  anniversary of Dmitri Shostakovich.


Terms and types of participation

Guests will find an incredibly beautiful and vibrant dance programme, defile of military brass bands, performances of opera and choreographic stars, a charity fair and auction, ball games, a gala dinner, fireworks and many surprises. Participants get to the Mikhailovskaya Battery by ships from  Grafskaya Quay, the very heart of Sevastopol.


Charity programme

The programme is implemented in the form of targeted assistance to low-income families and multi-child families, to gifted and disabled children  of Sevastopol and Crimea.The Ball has provided help to 16 children.


Getting ready for the Ball

The feature of the ball is that its participants are at the same time its main characters. Preparation is one of the most important and unique parts of a project. Dance skills are not important - the choreographers of the project train all participants. Rehearsals are held in a club format, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.


The main goal of the preparation is to create an environment for communication, team up the participants and, as a result, forge the community of the future ball. People of different professions, age groups and  cities are represented here. Participants get to know each other at rehearsals and their energy of co-creation drives the event.

Besides dance workshops, there are  other activities aimed at networking and teaming up participants such as meetings, lectures, receptions.


Rehearsals will take place in Sevastopol and Moscow. You can join in at any stage. Your dance skills are not important.


The Ball took place on September 27, 2020 and marked two jubilees: the 75th anniversary  of Victory in the Great Patriotic War and the  180th anniversary of Pyotr Tchaikovsky. The event was titled "Victory!"


The plot of the Military Ballroom Parade  was the story of a standoff: the Good vs the Evil.The story started with the bet between  Mephistopheles and the Creator to find out who rules the world.The good forces were represented by the characters of Listov operetta "Sevastopol Waltz" – Averin, Lyubasha, Genka Bessmertny, Terkin, as well as Angels, Soldiers, Ice-cream woman, Vysotsky, Motherland,Galileo Galilei, the Nutcracker. The camp of Mephistopheles was represented by Shadows, the Rat King, the Inquisitor and Coronavirus. For the first time the event held the Defile of Victories, each one embodied by a beautiful Crimean rose.


The VI International Grand Sevastopol Charity Officers’ Ball 

“The Captivating Star of Happiness”


The VI International Grand Sevastopol Charity Officers’ Ball took place on June 16, 2019. It was  dedicated to Russia’s Day, Day of the hero-city of Sevastopol and the 220th anniversary of Alexander Pushkin. The event was organized by the city community “August Gathering of Sevastopol” in association with the Black Sea Fleet, Sevastopol government and government of the Republic of Crimea. The general partner of the Ball is stock company “Simferopol International Airport”. The Ball hosted more than 900 guests including representatives of 15 foreign states :  military attachés couples. The participants spent 3 months rehearsing waltz, quadrilles, mazurka and other dances with professional choreographers. “The Captivating Star of Happiness” became the literary canvas of the traditional ballroom parade. The cherished dream of beauty, freedom of expression, creativity and love that has come true — this is the idea of the VI International Grand Sevastopol Charity Officers’ Ball. Numerous spectators and participants of the event could enjoy the performance of the ball characters such as the Golden Cockerel, Sleeping Beauty, Prince Charming, Alexander Pushkin, Tatiana Larina, German, Muse, Genie of Talent. Pushkin poems were elaborately interwoven with dance and vocal performances.


The V Jubilee Grand Sevastopol Charity Officers’ Ball 

“Running on the Waves”


The V Grand Sevastopol Charity Officers’ Ball took place on 11 June 2018. The event marked several memorable dates: the 235 th anniversary of Sevastopol, the 235 th anniversary of the Black Sea Fleet and Russia Day. The event has won the President's Grant Contest and got

support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. Literatury theme of the Jubilee Ball is Running on the Waves. The plot is based on beautiful love that is born with the creation of the world and is the cause of life. The woman became the symbol of the event as the “crown” of creation. The Jubilee Ball is a journey, a parade of literary and historical characters whom the Captain of his Fortune meets on the way to his Dream:

Scheherazade, Carmen, Aphrodite, Natasha Rostova, Conchita, Doll Fairy and Running on the Waves herself. The story is based on myths, tales and stories related to Sevastopol, everything that connects our small city with the history of mankind. The event marked its fifth anniversary and became international. Guests from ten foreign states participated in the event. The upcoming Ball will also host foreign representatives.


The IV Grand Sevastopol Charity Officers’ Ball

“A Hero of Our Time”


The Ball took place on June 11 traditionally it was an open-air event in a legendary place — the Mikhailovskaya Battery square. The annual Ball, Sevastopol’s trademark, once again welcomed guests from all over Russia. A hundred civilian couples and a hundred officers’ couples attended

the event. Besides the Black Sea Fleet officers there were couples representing the Northern Fleet, the Pacific Fleet, the Caspian Flotilla. The most striking moment of the evening was the performance of “Crew” to commemorate The Aleksandrov Ensemble of the Russian Army and its artistic director, the main military conductor of the Russian Federation, V. M. Khalilov. Their lives ended in the crash of TU-154 on 25 December 2016. It was the premiere of the symphony “Crew” created specially for the Ball by Ilya Demutsky, a modern composer.



The III Grand Sevastopol Charity Officers’ Ball

“Ruslan and Lyudmila”


The III Grand Sevastopol Charity Officers’ Ball was held on 19 June 2016. It was the first time that the event united representatives of all our fleets. The Ball was dedicated to Russia Day and Sevastopol Day, and its programme became the embodiment of the beauty and richness of great Russian culture. The poem “Ruslan and Lyudmila” by A. S. Pushkin was chosen as a literary canvas of the event. All guests and participants became characters of a real ball performance. Popular character of the Ball found its implementation in original choreographical and drama performances where guests, civilian and officers’ couples, played key roles. Some scenes from the poem “Ruslan and Ludmila” were improvised within the ballroom parade. Enchanting works of great Russian composers were performed by the Municipal Symphonic Chamber Orchestra directed by V. Kim, the Military Band of the Black Sea Fleet headquarters directed by A. Sviridenko, the Orchestra of the Black Sea P. S. Nakhimov Higher Naval School directed by A. Kostyanikov, the Folk Orchestra directed by V. Lobanov.



The II Grand Sevastopol Charity Officers’ Ball

The Ball was held on 27 September 2015 to mark several memorable dates: the 70 th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the 95th anniversary of Russian Fleet Exodus from Crimea, and the anniversary of Taking back Crimea. The participants of the Ball were represented by 110

military couples and 60 civilian couples. The best Black Sea Fleet officers with their spouses performed more than 30 different dances. Accompaniment of the Ball was assured by two orchestras: the Municipal Symphonic Chamber Orchestra directed by V. Kim and the Orchestra

of the Black Sea P. S. Nakhimov Higher Naval School directed by A. Kostyanikov.



The I Grand Sevastopol Charity Officers’ Ball

The I Grand Sevastopol Charity Officers’ Ball took place on 2 June 2013 and was dedicated to the 230th  anniversary of the hero-city of Sevastopol. The Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation and the Navy of Ukraine participated in the event. There were 160 military couples of

both fleets and 50 civilian couples. Both Commands supported the initiative to hold the Officers’ Ball recognizing the importance of reviving cultural traditions of the military. The event was covered by the federal media and received a tremendous response.