The Ball is an annual open-air event in a historical place on the seashore — the Mikhailovskaya Battery square.


The stronghold on the coast of Sevastopol was built in 1846 to protect the North Harbour. It played a key role in the city defense and survived in various battles.

Our media partner Crimean One reveals the captivating and glorious story of the fort in its programme “Explorers of Crimea”


Sevastopol has long been famous for its extraordinary architecture and legendary history. The Mikhailovskay Battery (ravelin) unites  both. The stronghold dates back to 1846, it was founded as one of the ten fortifications on Sevastopol coast  and named after Grand Prince Mikhail, a son of Nicolas I. The “fathers” of the ravelin were  Engineer  Colonel Karl Burnod, Colonel Fölkersahm and Engineer  Colonel Pavlovsky. It took three years to turn a dug work into a powerful battle-proven stone fort protecting the North Harbour.


The outer wall of the fortress is 2 metres wide which made the Mikhailovskay ravelin practically immune to enemy cannonry.One of the innovations of that period was the lowest possible position of the ravelin to the water line, so that cannon shots reached the most important and vulnurable parts of enemy ships. The walls of the ravelin were made of limestone, which was mined nearby, so the fortress had a yellowish-pink hue. In Soviet post-war times when the stronghold was used as a warehose by the naval forces the walls were carefully plastered in white. Today, during restoration, thick layers of plaster have been removed to reveal the original colour of the ravelin. Moreover, restorers didn’t mask numerous “scars” of the past: potholes from cannon balls and shells, bullet traces on centuries-old walls.


The Mikhailovskay ravelin played a key role in the defense of Sevastopol during the Crimean War, and after almost a hundred years, Soviet soldiers heroically defended the city within its walls. During the Great Patriotic War the fort suffered severe damage from bombings, but it was saved from complete destruction because the stronghold hosted a hospital.The reason was not Nazi humanity, just a mere fact that there was no powder depot in the cellars of the fort turned into a hospital. The Mikhailovskaya Battery is a unique historical monument of our city, the manifestation of power and strength of Sevastopol and its citizens.



We are proud to annually hold The Sevastopol Officers’ Ball  in a place imbued with patriotism, perseverance, courage and unity.