«Dear guests of the VII Grand Sevastopol Charity Officers’ Ball “Victory”! I congratulate you with this long-awaited beautiful event! It is natural and symbolic that it is in Sevastopol, the hero-city of Russian  glory, that this noble tradition of Russian balls is being revived. The Officers’ Ball has become one of the hallmarks of Sevastopol . Annually the number of participants increases, the Ball acquires new traditions. It is especially important that this year the Ball is dedicated to the Victory of our people in the Great Patriotic War. The military and civilian couples, like our valiant defenders of Motherland, get together in a dance. The dance in the Great Patriotic War was not just a dance — it was a means of survival. Special front-line concert brigades were created to maintain the spirit of the soldiers. Ordinary city residents during the war also did not stop dancing. And by way of  dancing they expressed all their emotions, all their feelings!


I wish all participants of their VII Grand Sevastopol Officers’ Ball preserve traditions and history of our great country — Russia! Let this event become the crown jewel of this year, this autumn, the 75th anniversary of Victory and the 180th anniversary of Pyotr Tchaikovsky».


Mikhail Razvozhaev,

Governor of Sevastopol, 2020

« I am happy to greet the participants, the guests and the organizers of the VII Grand Sevastopol Charity Officers’ Ball dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory! 


This is a significant event, one of the cultural symbols of the hero city. Sevastopol is imbued with the spirit of the heroic military past of Russia and the military traditions of our Fatherland. Here, each stone reminds of the exploits of our soldiers.


The tradition of holding the ball has deep historical roots. It is these traditions that underlie the patriotic education of young people and ensure the continuity of generations.


The Sevastopol Officers’ Ball serves high cultural goals, popularizing such important concepts as honour, dignity, nobility, charity and mutual assistance. Initiatives like these deserve the profound respect and support.


I wish you all bright, unforgettable impressions and new achievements!».

Sergey Aksenov,

Head of the Republic of Crimea, 2020