The Sevastopol Officers’ Ball is joy, happiness, beauty and nobility in one. It is a pity that the rehearsals and the Ball end so quickly: they are so pleasant, but so flying. Thank you very much for the atmosphere at our meetings, for the feeling of flight. You instill in us faith in our strength, prompting us to action. We begin to feel that everything is possible and everything depends on our desire and aspiration. Good luck to you! Let the Ball go on forever!


Senior Police Lieutenant Kirill Vanin and his wife Svetlana, Sevastopol, 2019

It is a great happiness that we found ourselves in a big and friendly ballroom family! We are participating in the project for the third time and during this time everyone has become truly dear! Our rehearsals are not just dancing, it is an opportunity to touch the culture for a couple of hours, to feel the true nature of men and beautiful ladies. This is an opportunity to become a part of history, a single idea-driven action, this is a real " vaccination" of good taste, tact, manners, relationships! The ball is a stepping stone for further growth and development, this is all about us, this is our life!


Egor Novoselov and Irina Agapova, Sevastopol, 2019

Unique costumes, famous pieces of music and dances that the participants have been preparing for more than a month - all this is about the Sevastopol Officers’ Ball. The atmosphere was more than solemn. The participants admitted: they will remember this event for the rest of their lives.

Channel One, 2018

The Sevastopol Ball has taken the best from the past adapting it to the modern world. The Ball is a gorgeous networking venue where you can establish friendships and business relationships and even find love.


Sobaka.Ru magazine, 2018

Thank you for the great idea of ​​such a large-scale beautiful event, which has been uniting more and more people. Thank you for your patience

and teaching skills, the ability not only to give the basics of dancing, but also to engage people, who were unaware of their dancing abilities, in a wonderful activity and show them what fun it is. For us, our couple, the Ball turned out to be a landmark event: it introduced us to each other and now we are together! I wish you success, strength and patience. We hope that the tradition of the annual Officers’ Ball will go on for many years!


Alexander Yakovlev, Yulia Yakovenko, Sevastopol, 2018

There is no event more inspiring than the Sevastopol Officers' Ball! You give us inspiration, you give us a fairy tale that will be imprinted in our memory for a lifetime as a magical reminiscence of something very beautiful. Thank you for the unique opportunity to become a part of a big family.


Crew member of the guards missile cruiser "Moskva" Sergei Sukhorukov and his wife Anastasia, Sevastopol, 2019

I am really glad that the traditions of the officers’ ball are being revived in the hero-city of Sevastopol. Becoming modern, they open up new facets of  cultural life of the region.

Governor of the city of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov, 2018


The ball is an amazing, bright event in the cultural life of the city. And the main thing that strikes here is the sincere attitude of all participants, a sincere desire to join that high

 culture of the Russian ball, which has always been inherent in the Russian officers. The brilliant military bearing of the officers, the grace of the ladies ... I hope that this event will leave a bright mark in the history of Sevastopol.


Vice Governor of Sevastopol Ilya Ponomarev, 2018

The Sevastopol Officers’ Ball for us is not only a beautiful cultural event, but also a significant event for our young family. After all, we met and became a couple, first a dance one, and then a family one, precisely at the rehearsals of the IV Officers’ Ball. For girls, preparation for the Ball and the Ball itself is a great opportunity to feel like a princess, beautiful, feminine, gentle. For men, this is an opportunity to feel like a gentleman, to court a lady, to demonstrate good manners. And the main thing is that the qualities that were instilled in us at rehearsals are then transferred into our everyday life. You become more cultured. Therefore, I can say with confidence that this event is of high cultural importance, especially in the hero-city of Sevastopol.


Lieutenant Commander Nikolai Koshik and his wife Daria, Sevastopol, 2019

We are still impressed by the ball. We are very grateful to the entire ball team. It is difficult to overestimate your efforts. The ball has combined all the best: art, charity, beauty. Thank you for becoming a part of the Beauty! We are ready to share with you, dear organizers, not only joyful moments, but also worries and difficulties.

Captain 2nd  rank Denis Laptev and his wife Yelena, Sevastopol, 2018


A wonderful tradition was born and lives on, testifying that it is in the consolidation of the army and the people, which Sevastopol has always been famous for, and there is the key to great victories and achievements.


Commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Alexander Vitko, 2017


The Officers’ Ball is an important event in the cultural and social life of Sevastopol and the whole Crimea. The officers’ ball symbolizes the revival and continuity of the best traditions of our Fatherland. The Russian officer has always been distinguished by such qualities as courage and gallantry, patriotism and devotion  to duty, combined with nobility and high culture. The Officers’ Ball is a celebration of solidarity and charity, a clear confirmation of the unity of the military and civil society in pursuit of common ideals and values. I thank all the organizers of the ball for this wonderful cultural project. Special thanks to the city community "August Gathering of Sevastopol" and the Russian Black Sea Fleet.


Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov, 2016

The Sevastopol Ball is an event that brings together civil and military society. It marked the beginning of the all-Russian movement to revive the high culture of balls.


TV channel "Zvezda", 2018

The Sevastopol Ball is not an imitation of the traditions of past centuries with their carriages and grandstanding , not a game of history reconstruction, but real people who live here and now, get to know each other, fall in love, and, if necessary, go to defend the Motherland and their loved ones.

TASS, 2018

We all know that the most important actions in life, events come from the heart and soul. The ability to inspire or give cause for joy is the greatest achievement. In just a couple of hours of rehearsals, you will plunge us into a world filled with fun and pleasure. Every time we dance, we live a small life, feeling immeasurable happiness. You give us emotional satisfaction - something that is so hard to find but easy to lose. Thank you for your Project!


Ksenia Mamonova, Sevastopol, 2019

Over a few months you have  turned our spiritual life upside down, brought a storm of emotions and taken us into a big dancing family! Now our evenings are free and we have nothing to do. We look forward to the start of new rehearsals every day! The Grand Sevastopol Officers’ Ball is a significant, sublime and delightful event in Sevastopol and Russia! Thank you very much for your work and ideas.


Lieutenant Yevgeny Ivashev and his wife Nadezhda, Sevastopol, 2019

The Sevastopol Ball is one of the brightest and most ambitious cultural events in Crimea. Rostec State Corporation follows Russian charitable traditions, when officers and industrialists felt a special responsibility for  those in need. The ball has become an integral part of the cultural life of Russia, and has become one of the largest events in the field of philanthropy.


State Corporation "Rostec", 2018 

The Sevastopol Ball is an event you are proud to take part in. This project is the pride of our city, its memory and cultural heritage.


Commander of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation Alexander Moiseev, 2018

The Sevastopol Officers’ Ball is a bright and memorable event in the life of every participant. Thank you, dear organizers: you charge with emotions for the whole year! Thanks for teaching my husband to waltz! It's great!


Lieutenant Commander Peter Dovgy and his wife Yekaterina, Sevastopol, 2018

Dear organizers of the Sevastopol Officers' Ball! We sincerely congratulate you on another brilliant event! The ball is the only event in the Navy of this scale in terms of the number of officers and the imprint on the heart.


Lieutenant Commander Daniil Morozov and his wife Anna, Sevastopol, 2019


Each ball is a real feast, an unforgettable experience, new friends and business acquaintances.

RIA News, 2018

The idea of the “August Gathering of Sevastopol” is to create an event that will unite military and civilian couples — this is an accurate hit on the target. And the fact that the project is taking place for the umpteenth time, confirms its popularity with Crimeans.

Rossiyskaya Gazeta, 2018